Son Ye Jin’s Agency Express Frustration With Dating Rumors Connecting Her To Hyun Bin, Releases Further Explanation


Son Ye Jin’s Agency seems to be frustrated with the amount of attention the dating rumors connecting her with Hyun Bin!

A couple of days ago, the dating rumors connecting them sparked again after photos of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin shopping for grocery spread online.

Hyun Bin’s agency released a clarification and explained the dating rumors are false and they’re only good friends.

Son Ye Jin’s Agency has also released a statement on January 22 to explain the actress side.

In their lengthy statement, the agency expressed ‘we’re troubled by the dating rumors,’ they iterated again that the dating rumors are false adding, ‘however the masses interest is still going strong,’ they added.

The agency explained that Son Ye Jin has a close older friend in the united states and that she occasionally visits her, she even attended her wedding, during this particular trip she visited her again.

The agency added that after the two learned they were in the same country they decided to meet up and go grocery shopping together, the photos were taken at a moment when the two were pushing the cart while the other people who accompanied them were in another section so the photos portrayed a different side that isn’t the reality.

The agency explained the actress has not scheduled activities in the near future, they added,

“She decides when to return in such cases and let her manager know. We only find out if she needs to be picked up from airport or not on the day she returns or a day in advance.”

What do you think of this?

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My Thoughts

I said it before, Hyun Bin admitted to dating Kang Sora and Song Hye Kyo before and he didn’t hesitate, if he was dating Son Ye Jin I believe he would have said so.

After all they are both old enough and comfortable enough to decide for themselves if they want to reveal or not, it won’t affect them badly, they’re not young and not idols.

What shocked me with all of this was the reception by the Korean public!

I browse Naver (their biggest browsing site) for news regularly and soooo many articles were being written about it, even 12 hours after Hyun Bin agency issued a second statement denying the news.

What I don’t understand is why everyone is taking such a sudden interest in both their love lives and why Korean media won’t stop talking about them.

Just now while I am writing my thoughts, there are articles about them still trending on Naver. Its been like a day since Son Ye Jin’s agency released a statement refuting the news.

With both agencies taking such a strong stance denying the news, I am becoming more and more convinced they are not dating. I think they suit each other and I enjoyed their movie together but everybody should just leave them be…

I can’t believe this is becoming such a big story, I mean if they were idols or really young I would understand why netizens would be buzzing about this but these two are way older than to be constantly questioned about their relationship to each other (not that it makes sense for people to question anything about idols dating life either).


  1. People won’t stop because so many of these selfish immature fans ship her with Haein. They want only them together and feel disappointed that they dare even be friends with someone else. The public surrounding Korean celebrities have been so entitled to force their celebraties to do what the public wants that relationships, and jobs are at stake. It’s ridiculous.


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