Kim Woo Bin Returning After Two Years Hiatus Due To Cancer? Agency Issues A Response

Fans were excited for a brief moment after reports came out claiming that Kim Woo Bin is considering his return to the big screen through an upcoming project in 2019.

On January 9, reports came out of film industry representatives who revealed that Kim Woo Bin is looking over movie scenarios he had received and that he was under discussion for few of those projects.

The rumor claimed that he was looking to return in a new film by director Choi Dong Hoon, this rings a bell because Kim Woo Bin was supposed to begin filming for “Wiretape” back in 2017 before he was diagnosed with cancer and the project was placed on hold.

Back then, the director showed loyalty to the actor and decided to place the production on hold until Kim Woo Bin regained his health. The director and the actor were rumored to be working on a new project that’s supposed to be crime/historical theme.

However, his agency soon stepped up to deny the reports, they explained the actor’s health has improved a lot lately but he had no plans to return yet. According to TV Report, the agency closed their statement with,

“He’s still focusing on his health.”

Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in May 2017 and has been on hiatus ever since. He’s been through many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, many insiders reported that his health improved significantly after he finished his treatment.

Recently he was spotted with his longtime girlfriend Shin Min Ah on dates in Australia.

MY Thoughts

My initial reaction when I first saw the reports ‘yes, omg, yes pleassseeeee.’

I am not the biggest fan of Kim Woo Bin but I slowly came to like him and his acting skills when I saw his last project before this entire ordeal, the movie was called “Master” and he starred opposite Lee Byun Hun and Kang Dong Woon which are huge names.

I really wished the news would be true because I wanted to see him work again and lead a normal life not because I was particularly excited about whatever project he was going to do.

Although, he isn’t coming back any time soon. I am happy the public still views him favorably and has his back. He’s barely 30 years old and he had to go through chemotherapy, my heart hurts for him.

I will wait for the day I deliver positive news about his return to all of you!

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