Why GOT7 Bambam Broke Down In Tears During Concert Broke Fans Hearts


On December 21st, GOT7 met with their Thai fans in Bangkok for “GOT7 Nestival 2018,” however, something happened and it broke fans hearts.

During the concert, Bambam broke down in tears confessing to fans that he was not able to show his best because he has been suffering from physical and mental stress.

According to a twitter account that roughly translated what BamBam said, he revealed that he has been sick and despite preparing a lot for his fans, BamBam was sorry because he couldn’t give his best performance for everyone to see, he also thanked his fans for always being there for him.

During his mini-speech to fans his group crowded him and showered him with affection, Yugyeom hugged him from behind when he started crying and stood behind him. After he finished what he said Jackson found out that his zipper was down and he turned the whole situation upside down.

The group gathered around and shared a group hug while Jackson zipped his pants again, it ended on a happy note, Jackson yelled “STYLISTTT.”

GOT7 fans showered BamBam with compliments knowing well he doesn’t cry easily so it worried fans even more.

I personally wish that BamBam knows well we’re here for him, if he’s in pain then please take time off, we won’t hate you for it. Take good care of your health.

You can check out the full video below:

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