The First Lady Of South Korea Gifts BTS With Custom Watches With The President Name Engraved On Them

BTS have delivered the most amazing speech on September 24 at the ceremonial event for “Generation Unlimited” at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

They sat next to Kim Jung Sook, The First Lady of South Korea.

The First Lady was very happy about BTS’s accomplishments and congratulated them on their Billboard achievements.

According to news outlet Hankook Ilboo, The First Lady welcomed the boys and stated that she was proud of them and sincerely congratulated them. She added,

“BTS is encouraging teens struggling with concerns and fears through their music.”

The First Lady also gifted the boys with custom watches that are very hard to come by, the watches have President Moon Jae In name engraved on them, and the phrase ‘People First’ is engraved on the back.

Fans couldn’t help but express their excitement about BTS’s continuous accomplishments. The watches are said to be expensive and very difficult to come by, very few people are actually ever awarded those watches.

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