Politician Kim Joong Ro Announces “BTS Act” Preparation To Give Military Exemption To Artists

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The heated debate of idols getting military exemption is heated once again after Politician Kim Joong Ro announced plans for an act called “BTS Act.”

The politician is of The Bareunmirae Party, he is preparing for the act called “BTS Act” that aims to give military exemption to artists who receive global recognition.

The politician said in an interview with JTBC news,

“If they’re performing the duties of many diplomats then they deserve it. Look at BTS. They are the best of the best national representatives out there.”

Ahn Min Suk of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has agreed to the reform and shared his comment,

“BTS has served the nation well by ranking No.1 on the Billboard chart.”

However, not everyone agrees on that and politician Kim Byung Ki has a different idea to suggest. He believes that all military exemption policies should be removed and those who qualify for an exemption must fulfill their duty by the age of 50 in other methods of serving such as an instructor for example.

The government officials of high position even released a statement to comment on the matter, they said,

“We have to calmly carry out the discussion because of media frenzy. We will look into the act to see if its at all possible.”

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