A couple of weeks ago, SM Entertainment made SONEs very very happy when they announced there is a new Girls’ Generation unit coming soon.

That unit was named Oh!GG and they included all the current members who have re-signed with SM Entertainment.

As you’d expect, SONEs were over the moon when they heard the news. People were so excited that SM Entertainment’s stock price even rose after the new sub unit was announced.

Fans have been hyping up the release and planning projects to ensure the girls have the best comeback EVER.

And fans have delivered! Last night on September 5 at 6 p.m. KST, Oh!GG debuted with a single called “Lil’ Touch” and “Fermata.”

Fans streamed so hard they managed to snag the new subunit the top spot on various Korean music charts. As of this article publish date, “Lil’ Touch” is sitting at number one on Soribada and Mnet. At one time, the track rose to number one on Bugs and MusicMate as well.


The track is also doing extremely well on Genie, it currently sits at number 2, the track is among the top five on real-time and daily charts in Korea.

International fans are also a huge force, they managed to help their girls rank number one on iTunes album charts in 16 countries: Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guatemala, Sweden, Colombia, and Macao.

Not only that, but “Lil’ Touch” also placed second on iTunes on other 20 countries including Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Peru.

SM Entertainment is promoting their girls well, the girls recently traveled to France to explore the country in a new reality show called “Girls for Rest.” The program premiered 3 days ago on September 3rd and fans have been enjoying that extra dose of Girls’ Generation.

Fans also streamed the MV on YouTube, the MV had 10 million views as of this article publish date and time. Which is considered very well for an OG girl group that’s been around for a while added to that the fact that it’s a subunit, not the entire group.

The MV is believed to be the most viewed debut MV for a Kpop girl group in the first 24 hours; it reached 9 million views in the first 24 hours. The record was previously held by Stray Kids, who reached 4.2 million MV views in the first 24 hours with their debut song “District 9.”

Subunits of popular groups don’t usually do as well as their full group, so these accomplishments mean even more to Girls’ Generation and their fans.

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