Goo Hara Hospitalized Following Assault Incident With Ex-Boyfriend


We finally have official news to share from Goo Hara’s side; her agency has finally revealed the idol’s current status and its scaring fans.

A representative of Content Y told media outlets,

“We have confirmed by contacting her family that she has been admitted to the hospital because of what happened with her boyfriend, she is currently receiving treatment.”

They also explained why Goo Hara disappeared from the radar and they were unable to contact her, they said,

“As she was in a very chaotic state at the time, she found it difficult to contact her family and the agency.”

The agency added that she was physically injured by the altercation. They also added that she will go to the police station, they added,

“She is going to take a police investigation after recovery and she is going to go through the police investigation with her legal representative.”

It has been previously reported that she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend because he tried to break up with her; this is what her boyfriend told the police. However, Hara claims that she was defending herself and he started it.

It’s worthy to note that the idol has been receiving treatment for sleep disorder and indigestion, her agency had previously stated,

Goo Hara has been suffering from sleep disorder and indigestion and she has been receiving treatment for that for a while now.”

Dispatch has recently released a report talking about what happened that night, read about it here.

Get well soon Goo Hara!

Stay tuned for updates on the case!

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