We’re gonna be saying goodbye to Lee Jong Hyun of CNBLUE very very soon.

Lee Jong Hyun personally hinted at his upcoming military enlistment with an instagram post. It was expected that he would enlist not too long after his three fellow members since they’re all around the same age.

In response to reports stating that he is enlisting released on July 31st, FNC Entertainment confirmed that he is enlisting soon in the military, the agency didn’t release the exact date or location respecting the idol wishes.

Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin have enlisted on July 31st. Jung Yong Hwa had enlisted back in March. Lee Jong Hyun is the last member of CNBLUE to enlist in the military.

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My Thoughts

While almost every group talks about the possibility of enlisting together and end up going separately, CNBLUE is about actions before words which I love btw.

They didn’t talk about it much, yet, they all enlisted almost together, Yong Hwa oppa enlisted first which was probably because of his scandal with the university, he probably thought it would be better to serve until it all dies down.

I was very happy when I found out that Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin were enlisting together, I suspected that Lee Jong Hyun will soon follow but I am really happy right now because he followed them really fast.

This means that in less than 2 years all of CNBLUE members will reunite. Giving the new military service reduced days of enlistment. They will probably be discharged around the same time.

Respect to my oppas!