Actor Lee Seung Gi has shared a personal story about his past struggles in the entertainment industry with the trainees of “Produce 48” in a speaking session.

The speaking session was held on July 14, he talked about his debut at the age of 19 (in Korean reckoning), he made a successful debut with “Because You’re My Girl” he revealed that he received a lot of love as soon as he debuted.

He then admitted that it took a toll on him,

“I had a successful debut and it was one of the periods I had the most potential, instead back then I told my agency’s president that I wanted to quit being a celebrity. I packed my bags and went home.”

He added,

“They say he who is the king must bear the weight of the crown, but that crown was made up of people’s expectations. Back then, even the smallest crown that was placed on my head was too heavy. I wanted to run away.”

He shocked the trainees when he revealed that he tried looking for other work but then ended up coming back to music, saying,

“I was the happiest when I was singing.”

The trainees were crying, they related to his story. Singing is difficult as a career but it brings them happiness.

Did this statement about Lee Seung Gi shock you?

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