[BREAKING] Lee Joon And Jung So Min Confirm They’re Dating


The powerful duo of “My Father Is Strange” are an actual couple.

Earlier reports today by TV Report stated that Lee Joon and Jung So Min are currently dating each other, the report claimed that they had enjoyed a sweet date together back on December 29, 2017.

Lee Joon had reportedly spent the majority of his five-day leave with Jung So Min, the couple went to a department store in Pangyo and even picked scarves for each other before heading out to eat dinner together.

The two actors had met on the set of the popular KBS weekend drama “My Father Is Strange,” the drama came to an end back in August 2017. Jung So Min became known for her romantic comedy roles while Lee Joon was recognized for his talent as an actor.

Jung So Min later appeared in the popular tvN drama “Because This Is My First Life,” while Lee Joon enlisted in the military back in October 2017, he received a commendation during basic training for his high marks.

After the initial reports came out, the couple confirmed that they were indeed dating.

Jung So Min’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment released a statement,

“Jung So Min met Lee Joon on the set of ‘My Father Is Strange,’ they began dating back in October. We would be grateful if everyone would watch over them warmly.”

Lee Joon’s agency Prain TPC also released a statement that reads,

“Lee Joon is currently dating Jung So Min, who he met on the set of ‘My Father Is Strange.’ They began dating in October and are very supportive of each other. Lee Joon is planning on resting well before he heads back to the army after his break ends.”

Dispatch has also released a couple of photos of Lee Joon and Jung So Min most recent date. The two were very affectionate, Lee Joon was the ultimate gentleman taking care of Jung So Min on their date.

Check out some of the photos released by Dispatch.




We wish the couple the best!

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