[BREAKING] Jang Hyun Seung Is Dating Former Rhythmic Gymnast Shin Soo Ji


The former Beast member was rumored to be dating rhythmic gymnast-turned-professional bowler Shin Soo Ji!

On January 5, an industry insider revealed that the two got close when they met while bowling, the two were spotted being affectionate while in bowling alley.

According to a source from Jang Hyun Seung, the two have been dating for three to four months. In response to that, initially, Cube Entertainment said they’d check with the idol before confirming or denying the news.

Later, Cube Entertainment and Shin Soo Ji’s agency both confirmed the two were indeed dating, both agencies stated that they have been dating for approximately four months.

Fans were taken back by the news but were also happy for their idol Jang Hyun Seung who found love, but who is Shin Soo Ji?

Shin Soo Ji is a formal member of the rhythmic gymnastics national team, she participated in “2008 Beijing Olympic Games” and “2010 Guangzhou Asian Games,” she retired back in 2011 due to an ankle injury.

Since 2014, she became a professional bowler, her boyfriend Jang Hyun Seung has been promoting solo following his departure from Beast back in 2016.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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