The popular singer has finally made his comeback and held a press conference to discuss his new mini album “My Life.”

Rain talked about how torn he feels on whether he should talk about his family publicly or not, but he did want to talk about how fatherhood feels like, he said,

“I feel like this is a new chapter of my life, she (his daughter) is someone I cherish more than myself. I think its because of all the people who’ve been there for me throughout my life that I was able to transition to s husband and a father.

I hope I can raise a child who helps this world.”

He also added,

“I won’t probably be talking about my family publicly from now on. I think it isn’t good for my wife or my child.”

This is Rain’s first comeback since he became a father and a husband. He tied the knot to actress Kim Tae Hee earlier this year and has only recently welcomed his first child into the world.”

His new mini album celebrates his 15th anniversary since making his debut as a singer.

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