Chang Ki Yong Joins IU And Lee Sun Kyung In “My Ahjussi”

The rising star Chang Ki Yong is joining the cast of the upcoming tvN drama “My Ahjusshi.”

Chang Ki Yong had only recently made a splash playing Nam Gil, a handsome guy who has a crush on Jang Nara’s character in “Go Back Couple.”

The new rising star is keeping himself busy after the recently concluded drama. He joins Lee Sun Kyun, IU, Na Moon Hee, Oh Dal Soo, Song Sae Byeok in tvN’s highly anticipated new drama “My Ahjussi.”

“My Ahjusshi” will be directed by Kim Won Seok and written by Park Hae Yeong, it tells the story of a woman and three men who struggle through the burdens of life each in their own way, they help heal each other in the process.

The drama will start filming this month and is set to air in the first half of 2018.

The YG model-turned-actor has debuted back in 2012 as Seoul Collection model, with a height of 187 cm, the actor is making his way through and has stared in many dramas such as “Go Back Couple,” “Beautiful Mind” and many others.

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