Lee Jong Suk Finally Reveals The Real Reason Why He Doesn’t Do Historical Projects


Are you a fan of historical kdramas? Would you like to see your favorite actor take on a historical drama project?

If your favorite actor is Lee Jong Suk you might have to give up hope.

The actor who appeared on October 20 episode of tvN’s popular variety show “Three Meals a Day” explained why he hasn’t taken on many historical themed projects.

He was talking to Lee Seo Jin, suddenly their conversation turned into a historical period scene, Lee Jong Suk pointed out that he has only done one historical project which was a film called “The Face Reader.”

He then confessed that he avoids this difficult genre mainly because he feels like he isn’t the right actor for it.

He explained,

“Back when filming the movie ‘The Face Reader’ I felt like I was ruining the cast members lines flow, I felt terrible and guilty because of that, which is why I have been avoiding these kind of projects ever since.”

Lee Seo Jin encouraged and comforted the actor, he said,

“You can solve this problem by leading a historical production. There are a lot of younger actors who lead historical dramas well, you can do it too.”

Would you like to see Lee Jong Suk take on a historical project for his next drama or film? Do you think he’d do well?

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