4 Heart-breaking Kdramas Where The Male Lead Didn’t End Up With The Girl

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Korean dramas are almost always about love triangles. Some kdramas do include more than a couple but for the sake of the ‘drama’ aspect writers always add a second male lead.

A second male lead is usually the loving friendly character that cares for the girl and probably was the first to fall in love with her, but he almost never wins the girl.

We can’t count how many times we thought the first male lead who won the girl didn’t deserve her or how many times he shouldn’t have to begin with.

So today at jazminemedia.com we’re taking a look at some of the rare times were kdramas fooled us all and left the first male lead all alone.


Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Talk about heartbreak.

One of the biggest kdramas of 2016 was the historical drama “Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” it started out all fun and games and towards the middle it turned bloody, heart-breaking and outrageous.

Fans rooted for the couple of IU and Lee Joon Ki’s characters to end up together.

Following the betrayal of the second male lead, Hae Soo finds shelter in the rough first male lead Wang So. Sadly, towards the end it became apparent that they were not going to end up together.

She ends up spending her final days with the third lead Wang Jung (played by Jisoo) even though her heart always leaned towards Wang So.

On top of that the drama has a heart breaking annoying ending that made fans scream, yell and sign petitions requesting a second season.

It was quite a shock when Wang Jung ended up with Hae So, she had nothing but brotherly love and consideration towards him.

After giving birth to her child that she conceived with Wang So she passes away due to illness in Wang Jung’s hands.

Cue the tears.

Bridal Mask

One of the best Korean dramas of all time and one of the best performances by Joo Won had a very sad tear-jerking ending.

“Bridal Mask” had a sad ending not because the lead male and female didn’t end up together, but because the lead female actually dies in the end.

The two main characters hold a small wedding with their family and closest friends but their wedding is cut short by the unwanted visitor Shunji who draws a gun and aims at Kang To.

Mok Dan notices him and quickly covers in for her husband and takes in the bullet instead of him. Kang To only realizes she’s been shot when she falls into his lap and blood start flowing out of her body.

Shunji and Kang To are both equally horrified and Mok Dan ends up dying on the scene while Kang To tries to carry her to safety.

I think we can all agree we hated Shunji character after what he had done.

The drama still remains one of the best kdramas of all time.

Remember: Son’s War

Another drama that has a sad bitter realistic ending.

Yoo Seung Ho’s “Remember: Son’s War” was his first major drama comeback following his army discharge.

He shared the screen with Park Min Young and despite their young age, they had okay chemistry. Unexpectedly, the drama writer chose to not end it the way we expected to.

Yoo Seung Ho’s character Jin Woo had Alzheimer’s, with time he only got worse. The two were a couple for a few episodes but were too busy catching the bad guy to truly take it off with their romance.

Towards the end of the series, Jin Woo’s condition only gets worse, he realizes he’s a burden to In Ah (park Min Young) and decides its best to part way even when she had a clear unspoken promise to stay with him through his crisis.

He disappears and leaves her a goodbye message stating that he cannot let her deal with the emotional and physical heartbreak his condition will bring to her, he said he only wants her to have happy memories of him.

A year later, the two end up meeting but sadly, Jin Woo’s condition is a lot worse and he cannot recognize her whatsoever, she ends up crying after their reunion, but chooses to follow him behind anyways.

The rest way up to fans interpretation of what really happened and what will happen in the future.

Inspiring Generation

Another drama about a time in the mid 1900s.

The drama is considered by far one of the best Kim Hyung Joon performances to date and his last drama since all the other ‘drama’ he’s been in last year.

Inspiring Generation is about friendships, love and patriotism of young people. The rising tension and the bad-good relationship between the main leads Jung Tae (Kim Hyung Joon) and Gaya (Lim Soo Hyang) made it pretty difficult to believe that there could be a happy ending to this couple.

Ok Ryeon played by Ji Se Jun is making her second return to this list. She ends up winning Jang Tae heart but dies on her engagement day because she drank the poison that was meant for him.

Gaya and Jung Tae go into war and decide in the final episode to put an end to it and halt it all. Gaya did bad and good thing to Jung Tae so it was obvious he wasn’t going to run back to her arms.

The two end up on good terms and she reunites him with his sister. The two end up separating with Gaya writing what seems to be a love note to Jung Tae.

“Was I to you and you to me, a feeling?”

So this wraps up our list of 4 times the lead man didn’t end up with the girl of his dream because of heart-breaking reasons.

Which one of these dramas heart breaking hit you the most?

Which one would you like to see re-written?


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