Park Bo Gum And Go Kyung Pyo Spotted Vacationing In Canada And The United States

Best friends Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Pyo were photographed by fans while traveling to the US and Canada.

Various fans living in the US and Canada spotted the actors out and about and shared photos of them and even told stories of meeting them.

A fans post said that the two met the handsome men backpacking in New York Times Square. Other fans had got an autograph from the actors back when they met them in Niagara falls.

Another photo showed Park Bo Gum wearing a white hoodie and a balck baseball cap, with his sunglasses backwards. While Go Kyung Pyo followed behind wearing a backpacks on his back.

The two were touring around without a manager or any other company. Some fans said that one time they were somewhere and before you know it, they’re somewhere else.

Fans who saw the two stars could tell they were handsome enough to catch eyes even when no one knew that they were famous Korean stars.

The two have been good friends for a long time. They have worked together on two movies and shared the screen in the famous tvN drama “Reply 1988” as well. They also appeared on “Youth Over Flowers” and further showcased how strong their friendship was in real life.

Actor Go Kyung Pyo had previously talked about his plans to travel to other counties during the Chuseok holiday, he said,

“I am very excited, I leave without thinking much whenever the work ends, then I can have a lot of time to reflect on myself and recharge.”

It seems like Go Kyung Pyo was talking about vacationing with his good friend Park Bo Gum.

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