DIA Involved In A Car Accident While Heading To A Fan Meeting


These couple of days are full with car accidents.

The pretty girls of DIA were in a car accident today. The girls were heading to Goyang art center and they were involved in a car crash.

Luckily for them, the girls were not seriously harmed, they arrived to the fan meet safely and apologized to fans for being late, they explained that they’ve been in a car accident.

After the fanmeeting their agency MBK Entertainment released an official statement assuring fans that the girls are just fine, yet the agency hasn’t released any statement of them visiting the hospital.

Only yesterday another kpop girl group was also involved in a car crash, GFRIEND crashed their van while on their way to Incheon Sky Festival, the girls were rushed to the hospital, but the agency later released a statement confirming that the girls are doing just fine.

We’re glad that DIA are okay. Please be more careful next time!


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