VIVIZ Umji, Brave Girls’ Yuna And Oh My Girl’s Yoo Bin Test Positive For COVID-19

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The cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the kpop industry, three more idols tested positive today- thus far.

Starting with VIVIZ Umji. Big Planet Made released a statement to reveal that the member completed two doses of her COVID-19 vaccine, but one of the staff members was a close contact [of a COVID-19 confirmed case], so she underwent PCR testing, and on January 28, she was confirmed to have the virus.

Umji is currently showing minor symptoms and is getting treatment in isolation. The rest of the members tested negative but the agency will monitor the situation due to the incubation period.

In a statement on the same day, Brave Entertainment confirmed Brave Girls member Yuna tested positive for COVID-19. She’s also received her second vaccination but her condition worsened yesterday, she took a PCR test and the results came out positive. All of her schedules have been halted, for the time being, the rest of the members and staff all tested negative but the agency is keeping a close eye on the situation due to the incubation period.

Oh My Girl member Yoo Bin (formerly known as Binnie) also tested positive today. WM Entertainment confirmed she was diagnosed with the virus in an official statement.

After she heard someone tested positive for the virus during [Oh My Girl] member Hyojung’s schedule on January 27, all members and related staff preemptively took PCR tests, everyone except for Yoo Bin tested negative.

Yoo Bin already received the second dose of her COVID-19 vaccine and is currently getting rest in accordance with the guidelines.

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Wishing them all a speedy recovery!

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