TWICE’s Nayeon’s Debut Song “Pop!” Steadily Climb Up The Charts Amid Stiff Competition

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TWICE’s Nayeon Debut Song “Pop!” is finding massive success in South Korea’s charts.

The song which was originally released on June 24 originally debuted to average performance on domestic charts, however, the song continues to catch attention with its addictive melody. The song has become viral among netizens online and its catchy choreography is also catching attention.

As of this writing, “Pop!” is now No. 4 on iCharts weekly and realtime rankings. Its also No. 2 on VIBE, No. 3 on Genie and Bugs, and No. 7 on Melon.

Currently competition is stiff on the charts, fans are happy to find out that Nayeon’s debut track is managin to rank in the top 5 amid such competition.

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