Seungri Apologizes To Yang Hyun Suk For The Words He Said Which Resulted In #SeungriDeservesBetter Protest

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As reported previously, VIPs were trending many hashtags to ask Yang Hyun Suk and YG Entertainment for better treatment of Seungri. The protest was triggered because of something Seungri said during his tour in Hong Kong a couple of days ago.

Seungri had told fans,

 “Earlier, my boss Yang Hyun Suk called me and asked me what I was doing right now. I told him I am having a solo concert in Hong Kong tonight. I said boss don’t you know, I have a solo concert tonight…. YG has many great artists these days, BLACKPINK, WINNER and iKON.

He said, Seungri do you need your dancers? I told him ‘what do you mean? of course I need them, this is my solo concert!’ My boss then told me ‘Seungri, I don’t think you need it. You can do it alone.’ I asked him why and he said, ‘it’s the Great Seungri Show, you can perform alone.

So my dancers just went to BLACKPINK’s concert in Thailand.”

Full story here.

The fancam which captured Seungri saying this went viral among the fandom and triggered the fandom to campaign for better treatment of Seungri.

Next thing, the hashtags were used on Twitter and Instagram went viral, fans bombarded Yang Hyun Suk Instagram asking him to treat Seungri better. Some fans also stated that he was deleting top comments from his posts criticizing his treatment of the BIGBANG member.

On January 17, Yang Hyun Suk responded to those rumors and posted Seungri’s apology message to what he had said in his solo concert, the message reads,

“I will put an end to the controversy. I am sorry for everything. I wanted to be funny and I think I went a bit overboard.”

Yang Hyun Suk had also attached a screenshot of an article that talks about the subject and captioned the post,

“I’ve never deleted comments in my entire life. I wish everyone a happy new year.”

Seungri also ended up leaving a comment on the post on Instagram, he wrote,

“YG Seungri VIP. Sir, I’ll go to the seventh floor any time. I love you, forever.”

What do you think of this?

My Thoughts

For starters, I want to be transparent and clear. When I covered the story I knew that Seungri wasn’t saying it to try and trigger a protest, it was obvious he was trying to be funny while taking a tiny jab at Yang Hyun Suk and I believe the majority knows that too.

I also know that Seungri bluffs sometimes, his own members said so on variety shows so I also had in the back of my head, the thought that he could be exaggerating a bit. But I knew there was truth to it. You know why?

Because if he jokes with stories of his members it won’t ever escalate like this, even if he jokes too much the members love and understand him, it’s not like they’re his boss while it’s a different case with Yang Hyun Suk. He is his boss after all so their relationship is more formal.

Why would he say something so far from the truth and risk getting scolded by the boss? Also, even in the apology he doesn’t say he lied he just says ‘It went a bit overboard.’

Seungri is a jokester but not a stupid one, I am sure of that!

Also, the fandom was protesting how poorly the tour was being handled given the scale of YG Entertainment, one of the big three.

Seungri performed with two backup dancers and no live band. Fans also pointed out the poor marketing for Seungri’s upcoming tour stop in the Philippines; some were even funding ads from their own pocket.

The fandom isn’t upset because Yang Hyun Suk gave the backup dancers to BLACKPINK; they’re upset Seungri’s being treated like that.

Forget about the comments, sometimes fans exaggerate and there is no way to prove he actually deleted them and its not even the point of this whole thing.

For fans who paid for BIGBANG and helped YG become what it is today this is the not the response they have been waiting for. He had Seungri apologize and posted the message apology to his own instagram, also only commenting on the deleting comments part which can be obviously debunked by any rational human being.

VIPs are an older fandom not a young immature one so when this whole thing started it was to get the management attention to treat and promote Seungri better. To see Seungri apologizing for telling his fans about the backup dancers is really a pity.

I feel so sorry for VIPs!

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Es muy feo lo que le hicieron a Seungri, y tienes razón en algo, los miembros de Big Bang merecen ser tratados con respeto ya que gracias a ellos la empresaria logró ser lo que es hoy (ellos hicieron que ganara mucho dinero y no importa qué hay nuevos grupos que en su ausencia hayan logrado mucha popularidad pero big bang sigue siendo Big Bang, la mejor banda de todas y no deben olvidar eso, tampoco deben darle la espalda a los miembros)y se nota mucho como no le han dado mucho apoyo a Seungri en muchas cosas. Una cosa es hacer que él se disculpara por divulgar esos asuntos en público pero el presidente también tenía que disculparse con Seungri y con los fans que lo apoyan y lo siguen mientras él esta solo ahora que todos los demás miembros están en el servicio militar. A veces no son justos con él y eso me entristece.

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