Say Goodbye To BTS Jungkook Long Hair Because He Just Debuted A New Hair Cut

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BTS Jungkook long hair is no more!

In the late hours of October 13 KST, BTS Jungkook shocked his fans with a sudden twitter update.

BTS Jungkook shared three new selfies, he had cut his long hair, he captioned with one word, “cut.”

BTS Jungkook long hair has been the subject of discussion among ARMY, some loved his hair style while others preferred his older shorter hair styles.

Check out the photos below:

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Do you love the new hair style or do you prefer the long hair style?

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  1. Awww I actually liked his new look but if he wants it short again that I am okay with it. He looks handsome either way!!! Maybe he is preparing for something…hmmmm….anyways Go Jungkook! Can’t wait to see more looks from you

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