Kim Gun Woo To Appear In Netflix’s Highly-Awaited Drama “The Glory”

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Actor Kim Gun Woo will appear in Netflix’s highly anticipated drama “The Glory.”

The Netflix series “The Glory” depicts the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in childhood and the desperate revenge that she has planned for her entire life. She seeks to take revenge on the bullies who ruined her life. It is an expected collaboration between writer Kim Eun Sook and producer Ahn Gil Ho.

In the drama, Kim Gun Woo will play the role of Son Myung Oh. Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon) and Jae Joon (played by Park Sung Hoon) were the ones who bullied Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo). Dong Eun, who dreams of revenge, will be at odds with everything, adding tension to the drama.

Kim Gun Woo made his debut with the drama “Fight for My Way” and captivated viewers with stable acting skills and attractive looks, crossing between good and evil sides in “Less Than Evil,” “Live” and “Record Of Youth.” In particular, in the fifth one-act play of “Drama Special 2022: Let’s Meet in an Unfamiliar Season,” he played the bright charm pâtissier Myung Ki Joon, who was painted in pink with his unique honest, and cheerful charm. As a result, attention is being paid to Kim Gun Woo’s character Son Myung Oh, which will be shown in “The Glory.”

Kim Gun Woo, who will appear in the Netflix series “The Glory,” said, “’The Glory’ is really a gift to me. It is a work that I’m grateful for and has awakened the pure passion for acting that I had forgotten for a while. I would like to thank writer Kim Eun Sook, director Ahn Gil Ho, and all the actors and staff once again. Please show a lot of interest and support for ‘The Glory,’ which is made with everyone’s passion and love.”

The Netflix series “The Glory” will be released around the world on December 30 through Netflix.

Are you excited to see him in “The Glory”?

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