KARA Tops Domestic Charts With New Song “WHEN I MOVE”

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KARA has topped the domestic music charts with their new song “WHEN I MOVE.”

On November 29, right after the release of KARA’s title song “WHEN I MOVE” of the special album “MOVE AGAIN” released by them. It ranked No. 1 on the Bugs real-time chart, a major music site in Korea.

In addition to the title song, all the songs on the album, including “Happy Hour,” “Shout It Out,” and “Oxygen,” were ranked at the top. “WHEN I MOVE” ranked 21st on the Genie real-time chart and 49th on the Melon TOP 100 as of 9 a.m. on November 30.

In particular, the response to KARA, who first unveiled the “WHEN I MOVE” stage at the 2022 MAMA AWARDS, is significant. As the wishes of the five members, “We will show everyone the cool image of KARA on stage once again,” they captivated K-pop fans not only in their home country but also abroad with their powerful and colorful performances.

“MOVE AGAIN” is an album fully created by KARA, which celebrates their 15th anniversary, for fans who have shown unwavering love and support. As they stand in front of their fans for the first time in a long time, the members take the lead in the overall album work, including song work and album production, and only KARA’s unique color is reflected. The title song “WHEN I MOVE” is attractive with a millennial-style arrangement, and KARA’s powerful vocals are added to the strong rhythm, giving it a highly addictive quality.

Have you listened to their new song “WHEN I MOVE”?

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