JYP Entertainment Records Highest Quarterly Performance Ever+ Expert Anticipates Higher Growth In Fourth Quarter

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JYP Entertainment has recorded the highest quarterly performance ever!

JYP’s sales in the third and fourth quarters were 95.1 billion won($70,00,000) and operating profit was 27.5 billion won ($20,00,000), up 66.2% and 50.9% from the same period last year.

Following the increase in earnings estimates, Eugene Investment & Securities raised its target stock price by 5.1% from 78,000 won ($57) to 82,000 won($59).

Lee Hyun Ji, a researcher at Eugene Investment & Securities, said, “It is encouraging that the Niju Arena Tour and Stray Kids Japan Tour were postponed to the fourth quarter, and they recorded solid performance of TWICE, ITZY, NMIXX’s new albums, and reflected on Republic Records. As offline activities resumed, advertising, concerts, and MD sales increased significantly.”

However, as the number of albums released by artists increased, content production costs increased, and the operating profit ratio was small compared to the previous year due to increased payment fees and bonuses for executives and employees. It fell by 28.9%.

Researcher Lee Hyun Hyun said, “All artists are constantly contributing to quarterly performance. TWICE is preparing for the release of their new album, Japanese unit activities, and large-scale world tours in the first half of next year, and Stray Kids will drive performance sales with a total of 20 additional tours in the fourth quarter of this year.”

Researcher Lee predicted that the fourth quarter will also record the highest performance ever following the third quarter, saying, “Next year, four new artists are preparing to debut, and we expect profitable MD sales to continue to improve in earnest in addition to direct sales growth such as records and performances.

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