GOT7 “Just Right” Becomes Their First MV To Reach 200 Million Views

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iGOT7s have been working to help GOT7 achieve a new huge milestone on YouTube.

GOT7’s “Just Right” has finally reached the 200 million views on YouTube, the MV was released 3 years ago and with the help of iGOT7s determination, they managed to crack the 200 million views milestone.

This is the group’s first MV to reach this huge milestone, its also the first JYP male Kpop group to reach the 200 million views club. The club is quiet exclusive only few huge popular Kpop groups have managed to crack that number of views including TWICE, BTS, PSY, BIGBANG, SNSD and 2NE1.

Congratulations to GOT7 and huge props to all the fans who helped the group reach this huge milestone!

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