Are JYP Artists Okay? GOT7 Jackson, Youngjae And TWICE Chaeyoung Sitting Out Of Activities Due To Health Issues

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JYP had to issue three separate official statements about his artists’ health over the past two days.

On November 30, JYP Entertainment issued a statement regarding GOT7’s Youngjae health. JYP did not specify the exact health issues but did state that Youngjae would sit out from the weekend fan sign events due to his health condition following a doctor’s recommendation.

JYP Entertainment assured fans that they will follow the doctor’s orders and focus on Youngjae’s recovery; he didn’t attend the fan sign events on November 30 and December 1.

However, that was not the only GOT7 member who suffered health issues that prevented him from participating in his group schedules.

On December 1, JYP Entertainment issued another official statement regarding GOT7 Jackson’s participation in an upcoming fan sign event that was held today, he didn’t participate due to health issues as well.

JYP Entertainment didn’t specify the exact health issue in question but they stated that the doctor had recommended Jackson to rest and thus JYP will follow the doctor’s advice, he didn’t participate in today’s fan sign event.

But that’s not all, JYP Entertainment had to issue a third statement, this time about TWICE Chaeyoung. JYP explained that Chaeyoung will sit out from her group’s concert Aichi, Japan.

Again, JYP didn’t specify the exact health issues but stressed that they will look after Chaeyoung’s health and make sure she makes a full recovery.

In all three statements, JYP also stated that if needed another statement will be issued in the case of any other changes to their artists’ schedule.

Some fans criticized JYP Entertainment for overworking their artists, while others defended the agency claiming that the artists themselves talked about getting adequate rest.

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