First Signs Of Big Hit Upcoming Girl Group? Fans Find Newly Created Social Media Profiles For ‘HYBE’

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Some eagle-eyed fans have found what they believe to be proof of Big Hit Upcoming Girl Group!

Recently, one fan found a twitter account called (@HYBE_bighit_). If you follow Big Hit group accounts, then you already know that the username design is similar to that of other Big Hit groups. The account had joined twitter back in January of 2020, its currently locked but the profile bio reads,

“Soon, a new group.”

The logo is pink in color and the entire case is very similar to what fans found out about TXT prior to their debut.  

On Instagram, fans also found another similar called ‘official.hybe.’ The account is also private and has the same logo.

While all of those instances could be an online user trolling, fans found out that Big Hit had recently filed to trademark “HYBE.”

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Of course, all of this is only fans speculations but some are already excited and have even created accounts for the upcoming girl group. Anticipation for Big hit’s new group is at an all-time high.

Big Hit had previously stated that they’re preparing for global auditions for their upcoming girl group in late 2019.

In a press release on September 4 of 2019; they revealed that the girl group is planning for a debut in 2021.

As previously reported, former SM Entertainment creative director Chief Brand Officer Min Hee Jin and Bang Shi Hyuk will work together on the upcoming girl group.

On February 4 of 2020, Big Hit Entertainment held a corporate briefing to discuss the company’s future plans and to update on their progress for the past year affirming their plans to debut a new girl group in 2021.

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What do you think of the rumors? Are you excited about Big hit upcoming girl group?

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