Family Of Luna’ Best Friend Who Died By Suicide Angry At Her For Mentioning Her Name Without Their Consent

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Luna is in a bit of trouble after MBC’s recent episode of “Human Documentary People is Good.”

The episode featuring Luna that aired last night became the center of attention, Luna opened up about her life, her struggles as an idol, Sulli’s final message to her and her mental health issues, something else caught the attention of many people and that was the mention of another friend she had who sadly committed suicide one month after Sulli’s death.

Luna broke down in tears during the show when she spoke about her best friend Sophia; she says her family was worried about her after she lost two friends in such a short span of time.

Luna says Sophia was like family to her and they even lived together at her house,

“She was like my best friend. Life must’ve been so painful for her. I can’t understand everything, but I know she was in pain…. I didn’t know she’d leave like that.”

Luna also talked about feeling responsible for what had happened recalling that day over and over again wondering why she had to sleep at that time,

“It happened at the span of one hour and I regret it a lot. I also miss her a lot.”

Following the broadcast, fans sent Luna lots of messages to show their support for her. However, it seems that Sophia’s family wasn’t happy that their daughter’s name was included in the show without their consent.

The family expressed their frustration with Luna for including their daughter in the broadcast without asking them for consent; Sophia’s younger sister posted a long message to Facebook to address the issue and it has gone viral.

Sophia’s sister says her older sister is a regular citizen so she doesn’t understand why her private life was displayed like that. She talked about how it had affected her and how taken aback she was by how Luna friends reacted to Luna’s post about the sudden passing of Sophia,

“Some of my sister’s other friends called me and told me my Instagram address was all over the internet and asked me if I was ok.

The fans messaged me, a dead person’s sister, and asked me to comfort Luna because she was sad… I was taken aback and had no words.”

She says that despite all of that, she didn’t want to say anything because she thought Luna was already going through a hard time and if people knew her family was struggling and hurting due to Luna’s actions, she’d be more upset. However, Sophia’s sister said that after last night’s broadcast she’s had enough and couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

She added,

“The least you could’ve done was contact the family and let us know. No one from my family knows her and I was the only who saw her come and go and she didn’t even contact me.

What was she thinking going on a show and talking about a regular person like that on TV? Didn’t it occur to her that our family would be destroyed by this again with my sister’s death becoming an issue?

Did you think of our family? Honestly, I am so uncomfortable and mad, I can’t understand her attitude. Please stop taking advantage of my sister’s death. Even if that wasn’t your intention, you did wrong.”

Sophia used to be a trainee alongside Luna but had decided not to debut and pursued a different career.

Netizens are criticizing not only Luna but MBC as well for not checking with the family before including Sophia in the program.

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