Composer Who Wrote A Song For IZ*ONE Begs Not To Let The Group Disband

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Japanese composer Shintaro Fujiwara recent tweet about IZ*ONE is gaining buzz!

Following more revelations of Mnet’s vote-rigging controversy, some netizens started demanding X1 and IZ*ONE to disband. As a result of the controversy, IZ*ONE comeback has been delayed indefinitely; Mnet didn’t specify when exactly will they be coming back after announcing the postponement.

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Japanese composer Shintaro Fujiwara doesn’t agree with that notion, he took to his personal Twitter account to write,

“I beg you, please don’t let them disband.

There are still many songs I want to write for them and song I’d like them to sing.

They still have a long way to go. I can’t do anything but, somehow please.”

He also added the hashtag fans had been trending to show support for IZ*ONE, #AlwaysWithIZONE. To the caption, he attached a photo with a signed IZ*ONE album.

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Fans also agree with him, they don’t want the group to disband. But each fan has a different idea on how to deal with the huge backlash they had been receiving. What do you think would be the right solution to this dilemma?

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