BTS V Reveals His Plans To Release His Own Mixtape This Year

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Is a mixtape by BTS V coming soon?

On June 9, BTS V held a YouTube live to communicate with fans as part of BTS’ ‘Stay Connected’ project. The broadcast lasted for an hour, V talked about a lot of things with fans and shared his future plans and what he’s currently working on.

V shared happy news with the fans, he told them that he’s been working on new music and says he plans on releasing his very own mixtape by the end of this year. V also added that he has no idea who the next member to release a mixtape is following Suga but he’ll try to release one by 2020.

He has worked on 8 songs thus far but only wants ARMY to listen to the best, so he has no idea which one of the songs he wrote will end up in the mixtape. He also talked about his mixtape a lot during the broadcast.

The happy news was all over social media, as fans shared their excitement about a possible mixtape from V himself. He previously demonstrated his capabilities with the hit OST “Sweet Night” for the hit JTBC drama “Itaewon Class.”

You can check out the full broadcast below:

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