BTS Jungkook’s 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Official Soundtrack “Dreamers” Rules Over All Global Charts

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BTS Jungkook‘s “Dreamers” sweeps the top spot on the global music charts.

On November 20, Jungkook released the official soundtrack “Dreamers” for the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup through music platforms around the world.

“Dreamers” showed off its strong music potential on the global music platform iTunes, topping the worldwide and European iTunes song charts as of November 20.

“Dreamers” also topped the overall genre chart of the American digital music media Genius.

It also topped Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce online shopping site, with five kills, including Best Sellers, New Releases, Movers and Shakers, and Best Sellers and New Releases, respectively.

In addition, “Dreamers” showed strong popularity in countries around the world, ranking first on the Rising Daily Top 100 chart of China’s largest music streaming platform “QQ Music” and first on the domestic music platform Bugs chart.

Earlier, “Dreamers” established the top iTunes song chart in a total of 100 countries less than 12 hours after its release on iTunes.

“Dreamers” topped the iTunes top song charts in a total of 102 countries within 13 hours of its release, and also achieved a remarkable feat of topping the iTunes top song charts in the eight major music markets, the U.S., Britain, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Italy.

“Dreamers” is a song with Jungkook’s refreshing and energetic voice based on a magnificent and cheerful melody, which delivered the overwhelming emotion and heat of the World Cup, giving listeners a deep lingering impression.

Based on his appealing singing ability, Jungkook also created an extreme sense of immersion that seemed to vividly portray the narrative of the World Cup in front of his eyes, adding a bright and hopeful mood.

Meanwhile, Jungkook is the first K-pop singer and idol member to perform at the World Cup opening ceremony held on November 20 with “Dreamers,” drawing attention from people all over the world.

The music video of “Dreamers” will also be released for the first time on FIFA’s official YouTube channel at 2 p.m. on November 22.

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