Big Hit’s Upcoming Boy Group Rumored To Be Named ‘Aloners Association,’ Netizens Shocked By The Name

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Some k-netizens are claiming that Big Hit’s upcoming boy group will be named ‘Aloners Association’ which has raised eyebrows among fans for its very odd name.

Big Hit is currently preparing for its next boy group, the group consists of seven members Leo, Sangwon, James, Jihoon, JJ, Woochan, and Yorch. The eldest is born in 2002 while the youngest is born in 2006. The members have been previously introduced to fans via the YouTube channel ‘Trainee A.’

On May 22, one k-netizen posted screenshots of recent trademarks Big Hit has filed and the trademarks filed resemble what a company would do in preparation for a new group’s debut. The name is ‘Aloners Association.’

Netizens are shocked at the name and think its a very odd name for a kpop group.

What do you think of the name ‘Aloners Association’? Do you think its suitable to be a boy group’s name?

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