ATEEZ Announces Comeback With New Album At The End Of December

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ATEEZ will make a comeback with their new album at the end of the year.

Pre-orders for ATEEZ’s first single album “SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITHNESS” began at 1 p.m. on December 14.

ATEEZ’s “SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITHNESS” will be released in three versions, including the A version, the Z version, and the limited edition version of “Witness.” The albums of versions A and Z contain random QR cards, photo cards, stickers, and digital content that allow you to enjoy music through dedicated applications.

In addition, the limited edition physical album “Witness” version contains a photobook of 76 pages, CDs, bookmarks, photocards, stickers, and folding posters.

Earlier, ATEEZ was expected early on with a promotional video that was streamed only for 30 minutes with the comeback poster. Through this album, they will present ATEEZ’s narrative, which fans will encounter as an anonymous witness, and will give a new experience as if you were in a short film.

ATEEZ’s new album “SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITHNESS”  will be officially released on December 30.

Are you excited for ATEEZ’s comeback?

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