After Months Of Uncertainty, MAMA To Be Held In Japan, K-Netizens React Coldly

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Mnet has finally unveiled the location of its upcoming music award ceremony for the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (hereafter MAMA)!

Previously, Mnet revealed that they were still looking over possible cities to hold the ceremony in. Due to various conditions and circumstances, many of the places they usually hold ceremonies in were not ideal.

However, they have finally unveiled the only location; it’ll be held at Nagoya Dome in Japan on December 4. This marks the first time that MAMA will be held at a dome, it’s considered the largest scale ceremony to date.

However, k-netizens reacted coldly to the announcement. The Korea-Japan relations are rocky at best. Recently, the Korean public began boycotting various Japanese goods due to political tensions. Even tourism to Japan declined significantly.

Due to those reasons, k-netizens bashed Mnet and CJ E&M for their choice of country. Many were wondering why Mnet would hold a Korean ceremony abroad when it’s about Korean music for the most part. K-netizens criticize Mnet for not taking into consideration that many Koreans are boycotting tourism to Japan which would make it difficult for many to attend.

Many people even commented things that encourage boycotting the ceremony. It is unknown, so far, if and how many idol groups plan on attending. Many k-netizens said they’d refer to idol groups who attend MAMA this year as ‘traitors.’

What do you think of this situation?

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  1. I can sort of understand the confusion. If there’s a current race-war as we speak why heighten more tensions? This is coming from an I-fan btw. I wonder why MAMA is in japan Maybe music can better situations? But I really have no idea

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