aespa’s First Reality Show “Synk Road” To Air This December

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The girl group aespa(Karina, Winter, Giselle, Ningning) will come back with their first reality show, “Synk Road(Directed by Jin Seon Mi, Produced by SM C&C Studio)” as a Wavve original. This is the group’s first reality show since their debut and will show them in a new look to the audience.

SM C&C Studio revealed the poster for “Synk Road” on the 25th. In the poster, the members show off their visuals while travelling on a mysterious road. They can also be seen enjoying a campsite under the night sky with shining stars. 

“aespa’s Synk Road” is a travel entertainment show that requires the members to find the ‘ae-key’ while travelling on the road to complete the “Synk Road”. For the first time since their debut, aespa members can be seen travelling together for 3 nights and 3 days in Gangwon-do, Donghae and Pyeongchang.

With the beautiful scenery and the blue sea of Gangwon-do, Donghae and Pyeongchang, “aespa’s Synk Road” will show thrilling activities, healing time in nature and mukbang by the members. In their first reality show together, the aespa members eat, play and enjoy and show off their natural charms without hesitation.

“aespa’s Synk Road” will be released on December 14th on Wavve.


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