Shocking Facts About The Cast Of SBS’s The “Penthouse” You Need To Know

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The SBS Hit Drama The “Penthouse” Has been the center of attention for a while now, ever since it aired its first episode in late 2020, fans couldn’t stop talking about it.

The drama has garnered massive attention from fans domestically and all around the world becoming a phenomenon and thus elevating its entire cast to instant celebrity status and with that many new fans wanted to know more about The “Penthouse” cast.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most shocking facts about The “Penthouse” cast that you need to know.

Lee Ji Ah was married to the biggest idol in South Korea

Did you know that Lee Ji Ah was once secretly married to the great Seo Taji?

In 2011, the huge news shook the Korean community when they found out that Lee Ji Ah had filed for divorce from Seo Taji, it was later revealed that the two secretly married in 1997 and split in 2006.

Both Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taji were believed to have been single during that period so it came as a huge shock to a lot of people when they found out that they had been married.

It was reported that Lee Ji Ah met him through a concert, and in 1997, they grew closer before they married quietly and moved to Atlanta then Arizona in the US.

Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taji separated in 2006 and she filed for alimony, she filed a 5.5 billion won [roughly $5 million] lawsuit against him.

After the issue was made public the two parties’ statements contradicted each other with each one placing the blame on the other, despite all of that, they ended up reaching an out-of-court settlement, the settlement amount was never revealed because it was a non-disclosure agreement.

Uhm Ki Joon started out as a musical actor

While it might never cross your mind looking at how evil Uhm Ki Joon’s character in the “Penthouse” is, the famous actor got his start as a musical actor.

He debuted in 1995 and in his early career focused on musicals appearing in various plays such as Gwanggaeto The Great (1998), Tripitaka Koreana (1999), Singin’ In The Rain (2001), The Sorrows of Young Werther (2002), Grease (2003), Assassins (2005) and many more.

He’s since been focusing on drama projects playing various challenging characters that helped him become more popular.

Uhm Ki Joon was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

The actor is 44 years old, due to his age many people became curious about Uhm Ki Joon’s wife but despite being active in the industry for such a long time, he has never publicly dated anyone, he is currently not married.

But in 2015, a strange rumor emerged, there was a rumor that Um Ki Joon was in a romantic relationship with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. The two of them were working together in the same musical, a fellow actor from the same musical revealed that the two would often go out drinking late into the night and some started to misunderstand their relationship hence how the rumors began.

The rumor was not true, Kyuhyun joked that Uhm Ki Joon texted him about it and was cussed out when he replied back ‘honey’ to Uhm Ki Joon.

Kim Young Dae and Kim Dong Kyu are less than 2 years apartment

Kim Dong Kyu plays a supporting role on the “Penthouse” as Joo Dan Tae’s right-hand man, he takes on the dirty work of Joo Dan Tae but unlike his exterior, the actor is a lot younger than what many people assume, he is 26 years old and was born in 1994. Kim Young Dae; on the other hand; was born in 1996, both actors are less than 2 years apart.

Since Kim Dong Kyu’s hairstyle makes him look older, many fans were shocked to learn that he’s in his mid-20s. His preparation and dedication for the role has caught the attention of fans.

The mess surrounding Kim So Yeon’s dating scandal and why she felt sorry for a journalist

Kim So Yeon is happily married to fellow actor Lee Sang Woo but had a very surprising and sad story to share about how her dating news was revealed to the public and why she felt apologetic to a journalist.

While was preparing for MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer” it was the day her dating news was revealed, on that day and right before filming, she was practicing when a reporter contacted her saying they’d be releasing an article about her dating news, she begged the reporter to delay it just one day since she was super nervous preparing for “The King of Mask Singer,” after she begged the reporter desperately, the reporter ended up agreeing to delay it.

Sadly, about 30 minutes before appearing on “The King of Mask Singer” stage, another news outlet broke out the news, thus, she felt super apologetic to that one reporter, she said,

“I called the reporter and told her I was so, so sorry, and I asked if I could at least give her an interview.”

Yoon Jong Hoon doesn’t have marriage on his mind

Unlike his character in the “Penthouse” who has already married twice [spoiler], the actor himself had previously stated he doesn’t want to get married any time soon. Yoon Jong Hoon doesn’t have a wife like many fans believed.

In a recent interview, he echoed his previous sentiment stating that he stands by what he’s said about marriage.

Marriage is not on his mind, however, the 37-year-old actor added, if the right person appears, then I think I’d naturally get married and become a dad.’

Eugene is considered the OG idol beauty

While it might come as a shock to some of the kdrama fans watching, The “Penthouse” actress Eugene was one of the first OG idols and was part of one of the biggest 1st generation kpop groups. She debuted as part of S.E.S. and was known for her beauty among the general public.

This is why in a 2015 survey, Eugene was named the most beautiful girl group member of all time beating many huge kpop idols such as Suzy, Seolhyun and more.

Shin Eun Kyung divorced her husband and sued him for forgery

The Veteran actress life wasn’t all glamour, she has been through a lot over the years and her divorce story is very tragic. Shin Eun Kyung’s husband is responsible for a lot of hardships she’s gone through.

She had been through a painful divorce in the late 2000s, she had married a CEO of an entertainment agency and gave birth to a son. Shin Eun Kyung’s son was later diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Several years into her marriage, she found out that her husband has been taking out loans using her seal without her permission which prompted her to file for divorce.

She then sued him for forgery of private documents.

On December 28, 2008, the court ruled that she wasn’t liable for the debt her ex-husband accumulated which reportedly amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shin Eun Kyung deeply regrets getting plastic surgery

Shin Eun Kyung plastic surgery had made headlines in 2011 when it was revealed that she has undergone plastic surgery for her jaw.

Netizens couldn’t stop talking about how different she looked after the surgery. She expressed her regret for going under the knife. She reportedly underwent the surgery to to make her strong jawline more rounded and slimmer giving her a younger look so she could get more acting roles

Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t go too well, Shin Eun Kyung has expressed regret over her decision and talked about how the public should carefully research the plastic surgery they plan to have and be educated on the matter.

Park Eun Seok Gave Up U.S. Permanent Resident ship for this reason

Every able Korean man must serve his country when the time comes, however, many Korean men dread this moment because it means they must be absent for some time.

But have you ever wondered why Park Eun Seok speaking English sounded so good? Turns out, the actor used to live in the U.S.

Park Eun Seok had made headlines recently because of his approach towards the topic of military enlistment when he revealed he’s lived in the U.S, he’s revealed that he’s lived in Long Island, New York starting from the age of 7, the actor only moved back to Korea in 2005 when he was 22.

This means that Park Eun Seok had permanent residentship in the United States and as per Korean military law, he wasn’t required to enlist mandatory service but he ended up doing so voluntarily. When asked why he did it, the actor explained that he wanted to learn Korean. His time in the military truly helped him improve.

Lee Tae Bin’s character in “Penthouse” was supposed to be gay and in love with Kim Young Dae’s character

“Penthouse” breakout star Lee Tae Bin has surprised fans of the drama with his recent revelations.

Lee Tae Bin plays the role of Lee Min Hyuk, the son of Lee Gyu Jin (Bong Tae Gyu), he surprised everyone in the studio by revealing that his character was originally meant to be gay and in love with Joo Seok Hoon [the character played by Kim Young Dae].

“I am revealing this for the first time. Since Min Hyuk liked Seok Hoon and Seok Hoon liked [Bae] Ro Na, Min Hyuk was supposed to become more aggressive in bullying Ro Na since he had eyes for Seok Hoon.”

However, that plot-line never came to be and instead, the character was changed into someone who was [Yoo] Je Ni’s love interest.

So, what do you guys think of these facts? did any of them shock you?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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