Jay Park Will Host KBS’ Upcoming Music Talk Show ‘The Seasons’

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KBS will return with a new music talk show in February next year.

On December 28th, KBS announced, “KBS’ new music talk show ‘The Seasons’ will be launched in February next year. Singer Jay Park will be the MC for the first season.”

‘The Seasons’ is a KBS late-night music program that will continue the legacy of ‘Noh Young Sim’s Little Concert’, ‘Lee Mun Se Show’, ‘Lee So Ra’s Proposal’, ‘Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter’, ‘Lee Ha Na’s Peppermint’, and ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’.

In particular, for the first time in a KBS late-night music program, a different method called ‘annual project’  has been introduced and divided into a total of four seasons in 2023, and four MCs with various charms will run the program under their own names.

Jay Park, a musician with 15 years of experience and who has proven his versatility in dance, rap, singing, and producing, has been selected as the first MC of ‘The Seasons’, which will be more diverse and different.

Through ‘The Seasons’, Jay Park, who will challenge himself as a solo MC for the first time, will not only introduce a variety of music that is not limited to genres, but also share honest talks while sympathizing with musicians’ stories with an unbiased gaze. Expectations are also focused on Jay Park’s performance, who will lead ‘The Seasons’ with unconventional progress and volubility.

KBS’ late-night music program has invited senior singers, singer-songwriters, rappers, indie musicians, and idols to create numerous legendary stages and has served as a gateway for musicians, so interest in ‘The Seasons’ is growing. ‘The Seasons’ is expected to capture the eyes and ears of viewers by presenting in-depth talks about music and well-made live performances.

KBS’ new music talk show ‘The Seasons’ will be broadcast in February next year, and information about the program will be released later.


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