Lee Sung Kyung In Talks To Star In Upcoming Romance Drama Alongside Kim Young Kwang

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We might be seeing Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Kwang in the same drama!

On April 21, it was reported by News1 that Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Kwang will be leading the new drama “Tell Me It’s Love.”

Lee Sung Kyung’s agency YG Entertainment later stated that Lee Sung Kyung has been offered to star in the upcoming drama “Tell Me It’s Love” and she is now positively reviewing it. While Kim Young Kwang’s agency Wide-S Company confirmed the reports that the actor is going to appear in the drama.

“Tell Me It’s Love” is a romantic melodrama in which a man and a woman, who become entangled due to revenge, forget about revenge and instead shed tears because of their situation. The drama is about these two people who are tired of the harsh reality they live in so they come to understand each other and begin to change for the better.

Lee Sung Kyung was offered the role of Shim Woo Joo, a woman who was hurt by family affairs and thus swore revenge on Han Dong Jin, the one who let her go through all of this. However, after meeting Han Dong Jin and getting to know him better, other emotions begin to replace her need for revenge.

Kim Young Kwang will play Han Dong Jin, he is a workaholic who uses work as a way to escape his loneliness. He is hurt by love and struggles to endure his loneliness, but that all changes when he meets Shim Woo Joo, the woman who swore revenge on him.

“Tell Me It’s Love” started filming already, there are plans for it to be released on the platform OTT, it is set to air in the first half of next year.

Meanwhile, Lee Sung Kyung’s new drama “Shooting Stars” is set to air on April 22.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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