“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Ratings Increase By 10 Folds Shocking The Industry With Its Success

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ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is making history!

ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has been going viral among netizens for its storyline and acting. The drama started out to very low ratings but slowly climbed up to become one of the biggest success stories of a 2022 kdrama.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 5th episode of the now hit ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” scored an average nationwide rating of 9.1%, a big jump from its previous episode rating of 5.2%. This is the drama’s highest rating yet.

This is also remarkable considering that “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” began with 0.9% in ratings meaning the drama saw its rating increase by 10 folds which is almost unheard of in the industry. This makes it the most watched Wednesday-Thursday drama and also the most-watched weekly mini-series in Korea.

On top of that, its considered even more impressive because its produced by ENA, a little known station in South Korea. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is setting ratings records for the broadcasting station.

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