ARMY Set A World Record On Twitter Celebrating BTS Jimin Birthday

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ARMY pulled out all the stops to ensure that BTS Jimin had a pleasant birthday!

On October 13 at 12:00 am. KST, ARMY all around the world began tweeting about BTS Jimin birthday, the fandom has decided to trend as many hashtags as they could to celebrate his birthday among many other fan events and donations set in celebration of his birthday.

Soon, hashtags in both Korean and English took over the top 10 spots on twitter worldwide trends which is an amazing feat in itself, later, 10 more hashtags took over the top 11-20 spots on twitter worldwide trends. This meant that, for a period of time, the top 20 trending topics and hashtags worldwide on twitter were dominated exclusively by BTS Jimin.

This meant that BTS Jimin just became the first ever celebrity in the entire world to dominate twitter top 20 worldwide trends with hashtags related to him.

Congrats to Jimin and happy birthday!

By Hilda Moore

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