Shin Jimin Reportedly Joins Upcoming Girl Group Survival Program After Signing With New Agency

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Former AOA Member Shin Jimin is reportedly joining JTBC’s upcoming survival show!

On August 1, multiple industry insiders told news outlets that Shin Jimin is joining JTBC’s upcoming survival show titled “The Second World.” The program will feature 8 main rappers from groups such as Oh My Girl, MAMAMOO and more. If the reports are true, it will mark Shin Jimin’s first broadcast in over two years following her departure from the industry.

Back in July, an agency called ALO MALO Entertainment released a statement to announce they have signed a contract with Shin Jimin.

In July of 2020, Jimin left AOA and retired from the entertainment industry after being accused of bullying by fellow member Kwon Mina. Since then, there has been a great deal of speculation and debate about the reality of what took place and while netizens were initially on Mina’s side, the tide shifted in September of 2021 when past conversations between the AOA members resurfaced and painted Mina in a bad light.

In January of 2022, FNC Entertainment revealed their contract with Jimin had expired and she chose not to renew. In early 2022, Jimin surprised her fans by celebrating her birthday with an unexpected gift, she dropped a new song called “Suddenly” along with her first Instagram post since her departure from the group.

She has since returned to social media and was seen out and about.

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