BTS Jin Unveils The Location Of The Friendship Tattoo Through Sexy Shirtless Photos

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BTS Jin has sent fans into a frenzy after revealing the location of his group’s friendship tattoo.

On June 26, Jin took to his Instagram to share two photos of his back, he was shirtless. He captioned with, ‘I also uploaded the friendship tattoo.’ Jin’s back can be seen with his face away from the camera, he’s enjoying the view of the sea. The number seven is on the left side of his torso.

Not only fans went into a frenzy due to the sexy photos but also his fellow members who left hilarious comments on his post. RM said, ‘oh! I was really shocked, I thought you weren’t wearing anything on the botton too.’ J-Hope wrote, ‘holly moly!!!’ Suga said, ‘why the sudden ‘tah-dah?’’

Check out the Instagram post below!

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