Lee Do Hyun And Go Min Si To Reunite For The 3rd Time In A Short-Form Drama “Reincarnation Love”


Lee Do Hyun And Go Min Si are reuniting on a project, again!

On December 30, it was revealed that Lee Do Hyun And Go Min Si will be starring in the short-form drama “Reincarnation Love” (literal title), created by pharmaceutical company HK inno.N. The short-form drama was created as promotional content for the anti-hangover drink CONDITION.

The drama is a time loop romance drama about a man named Jeon Sang Tae (Lee Do Hyun) who goes on a blind date in place of his friend and meets Kim Hwa Ni (Go Min Si).

Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun previously shared the screen in “Sweet Home” and “Youth of May.”

You can check out the newly released teaser below!

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