Hyunjoo’s Side Shares Official Police Documents And Warns DSP Media To Stop Causing Misunderstandings After They Deny Bullying Occurred Despite Police Ruling

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DSP Media most recent statement has been slammed by Hyunjoo’s legal representative!

Last night, Hyunjoo’s Side revealed that her younger brother was cleared from defamation charges after becoming the first person to make the bullying accusations come to light against APRIL.

According to various media reports on June 23rd, police has confirmed that bullying indeed occurred and it was concluded that Hyunjoo’s brother had no intention to slander APRIL, in addition, he appears to have written the post out of frustration about his sister’s situation and he intended to reveal the truth about her situation.

On June 24, DSP Media released a new statement addressing the outcome, they asserted that what media outlets reported was different from the truth. They stated,

“To fully quote the exact reason for charges being cleared without distortion, ‘Charges were cleared as it is difficult to say that there was an intention of defamation and a recognition of false information.’

There was no confirmation of the members participating in bullying.”

They also wrapped up their statement asking media outlets not to report information without confirming the facts.

In response to their statement and continuous denial, Hyunjoo’s side shared the legal documents as sent by police which clearly states whats been reported through media outlets.

Hyunjoo’s side has also warned DSP media to refrain from causing misunderstandings with their ‘ambiguous statements,’ they asked them to only make the necessary statements as required by legal procedures.

The legal document states some incidents that happened between Hyunjoo and the members during her time as part of APRIL. It also adds that its difficult to state that the suspect [her brother] intended slander with his comments.

The part that gained attention was the following,

“Lee Hyunjoo has indeed been having a tough time due to the bullying by the group, and the tumbler incident, as well as the show incident that happened during APRIL’s promotions, are true overall.

The accuser [the person who filed the lawsuit] has also admitted to the incident occurrence (referral to records 67-68), as a result, the parts written by the accused under clause ‘2) Judgment’ 1~6 were things that occurred between hyunjoo and the accuser during their time as a group.

It doesn’t stray too far from the truth and can’t be judged as falsehood….

It is hard to claim the accuser has created falsehoods consciously while writing the post.”

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