Song Kang And Han So Hee Cast In Upcoming Drama Based On Webtoon

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Song Kang and Han So Hee have been confirmed to join the upcoming drama “I know But.”

The drama is based on a webtoon of the same title, its about a woman named Yoo Na Bi, who wants to date but doesn’t believe in love, and a man named Park Jae Uhn, who thinks dating is a bother but wants to flirt.

Song Kang has been cast as Park Jae Uhn, he is a character that finds dating a waste of time but likes to flirt around. He is friendly and cheerful but is actually uninterested in dating and has decided against it. He is a master at “push-and-pull” and doesn’t end getting swept in his emotions. He draws a line between himself and other people and doesn’t reveal how he truly feels, when he meets Yoo Na Bi, it makes him want to cross the line.

Han So Hee has been cast as Yoo Na Bi, a woman who doesn’t trust love but wants to date. After experiencing a bitter first love, she no longer believes in destiny and makes up her mind to not get swept up in love again, after meeting Park Jae Uhn who has a magical effect on her, it shakes her entire perception of love and makes her want to stop being aloof.

The upcoming drama will air on JTBC as a Friday-Saturday drama after the end of “Undercover” in June. It will be directed by Kim Ga Ram who worked on many projects such as “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency,” “Vampire Detective,” “Devilish Joy,” and written by Jung Won.

My personal thoughts- by Jass K.

Wow, is that a beautiful on-screen couple or what!!! I AM SO EXCITED.

I must say, the idea behind the drama is repetitive to an extent, but considering they cast Song Kang and Han So Hee, I believe there is more to it. They tend to pick interesting projects.

Right now, both rising stars are immensely popular and hella busy. I am actually curious if Song Kang sleeps at all considering his schedule. He is already filming for his drama that will air 4 days from now and has been cast in another drama that will air in July [most likely].

Since he is a 94 liner, it means that he must enlist in the military some time in 2022, it could explain why he’s working so hard this year to establish a name for himself. Fighting!

Han So Hee is also in high demand these days, I am super excited about her upcoming Netflix drama. In regards to this drama, I can’t wait to see her in such a role because she has mostly been playing intense roles in her past dramas and I think the upcoming Netflix drama will also be hella tense so this one is going to be laid back, something I wanted to see from her.

I think the pairing is genius, I dont know who decided on that but give them a raise already. Both of them on my screen at the same time? What kind of cute fanfic is this?

I am super excited and I think they’d make a cute on-screen couple.

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