Shuhua’s Chinese Fanclub Announce Their Decision To Not Buy (G)I-DLE’s Recent Album Due To Unfair Line Distribution


Shuhua’s Chinese Fanclub has released a statement that has gone viral on social media.

(G)I-DLE has come back last night with their 4th mini-album featuring the title track “HWAA.” As per usual, many channels made videos about the comeback which included ones about line distribution and screen time.

Out of the members of her group, Shuhua had the least lines and sang for 4 seconds in “HWAA.” Added to that, her appearance in the MV was also short, some calculating it to be around 20 seconds only.

In frustration, one of Shuhua’s Chinese Fanclubs released an official statement announcing their decision to not purchase the group’s most recent album despite their continuous efforts to promote the group and Shuhua to their fullest,

“We are disappointed that Shuhua was only given 3.9 seconds of line distribution and 17 seconds of MV appearance in the new song ‘HWAA’ that was released today at 5 PM Beijing time. This is very confusing for us, we believe that Cube ent. should help plan the improvement of their artists.”

The fanclub also talked about how they’re aware Cube didn’t directly attack her importance in the group, but her lack of screentime and lines in the comeback has left them disappointed. Thus, they’ve decided to seize the work of distributing the albums listening to the majority of Chinese fans, they will focus on supporting her individual promotions from now on, and will resume [supporting group activities] once Shuhua gains parts fitting for her.

The issue gained attention in South Korea where many k-netizens showed support for the fanclub decision, on the other hand, some fans fear this move will affect (G)I-DLE and drive a wedge between the members.

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