MOMOLAND Nancy Becomes The Victim Of Inappropriately Taken And Manipulated Photos + Agency To Take Strict Legal Action

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MOMOLAND Nancy is said to be in great emotional turmoil after illegally manipulated photos of her spread online.

The issue started when a person spread an alleged photo of Nancy changing at an award show online, the photo was shared on another Kpop group server and the server had around 500 people in it. Later, the issue became bigger and it spilled over to social media.

This led to fans mass-reporting any accounts that shared the photos on twitter, Facebook and more.

On January 11, MLD Entertainment posted a lengthy statement announcing their plans to take strict legal action against the doctored photos that are being spread about Nancy online.

In their statement, they promise strict legal action against the initial perpetrator as well as all those who spread the photos online. They also explained,

“Nancy is currently suffering from severe emotional distress.

We sincerely ask you, that there will be no malicious posts against our artist anymore.”

They stated that Nancy is a victim of having photos being inappropriately taken and manipulated, and the person who needs protection the most is her, they asked for fans cooperation in bringing to justice the perpetrators of this attack.

They will be taken action with the police and judicial authorities including those overseas to bring charges against the person who spread the photos as well as those who took part in spreading it further.

They will “pursue civil and criminal suits for compensation of damages on the basis of violating the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Crimes, circulating material deemed pornographic by the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., and violating personal rights.”

MLD Entertainment will continuously monitor the situation and take legal action when necessary with no leniency and without reaching a settlement.

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