VINE Entertainment newly debuted girl group is making headlines all around Asia for having idol members from many countries. Denise and Jinny are from the United States, Léa is from Japan, Soodam is from South Korea, and Dita is from Indonesia.

Dita is getting a lot of attention for becoming the first ever Indonesian idol to debut in a Kpop girl group.

Born on December 25, 1996, Dita became a fan of Kpop after listening to 2NE1. She used to train at the Korean entertainment academy Born Star Training Center in New York City and was also featured a dancer on the famous Korean dance studio, 1MILLION Dance Studio. Check out a video of her dancing below:

Dita’s current favorite Korean artist is IU and she says she also likes TWICE. When asked about how she felt being the first ever Indonesian idol to debut in a Kpop group, she shyly said,

“It feels embarrassing to say it myself, but I heard from my acquaintances that it’s become a big deal in Indonesia.”

Dita has also recently opened up her own instagram account and has over 300K followers as of this writing. She uploads there regularly.

The Star has compiled clips of her speaking at her group’s debut showcase; you can take a look below:

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