Entertainer Sam Hammington had the best reply to k-netizens who had issues with him kissing his kids!

The entertainer uploaded a video to Instagram recently celebrating Valentine’s Day by eating chocolate with his two sons William and Bentley. During the video, he shows affection towards his kids by kissing them before they ate the chocolate together.

Some netizens found that bad and left comments about why he shouldn’t do this to his kids, one comment read,

“Don’t kiss kids on the mouth. Kids have weak immune systems and don’t like adults’ sticky saliva and bad smell. Foreigners don’t usually kiss their kids on the lips.”

This was one of the many comments netizens left, some left worse comments with profanity, but Sam Hammington responded to that particulate comment with,

“I’ll take care of that.”

Sam Hammington and his kids are cast members of the hit variety show “Superman is Back.”

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