Woo Do Hwan And Moon Ga Young Rumored To Be Dating Again, Agency Issues A Response


Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young have been wrapped up in dating rumors for the second time.

“The Great Seducer” co-stars were previously wrapped up in dating rumors back in May of 2018 after their drama ended. Back then, they denied it through official statements.

This marks the second time they’re involved in dating rumors. On November 27, OSEN reported that Woo Do Hwan neighbors saw them hanging out together around his house and at a nearby café.

In response to the rumors, KeyEast Entertainment released a short statement denying the rumors explaining that they’re only close friends.

K-netizens were heavily critical of OSEN’s report, many made fun of the report for lacking evidence and relying on ‘neighbors’ testimonies making up articles about it. Many k-netizens asked for the reporters to leave them alone.

What do you think of this?

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  1. They should date if they like each other. Nothing wrong with that. They should also see each other since they are friends. Nothing wrong with that too. Publicly or secretly, it’s their choice.


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